SKG Industries is a premier provider of automation systems for industrial applications. We offer solutions for projects involving Industrial IOT, MAchine Vision, Inspection Vision, control design, PLC and robot programming, project management, and more. Our team of engineers has decades of experience in handling automation projects (from manual line to robots automated line).

We are proud to provide our clients with high-quality service through our 30+ year history of success with working on complex projects from start to finish

Industrial IOT & Digitalization Solutions

1.Equipment utilization monitoring

2.Predictive maintenance / CBM

3.Production quality control

4.Inventory management

5.Custom IIoTsolution development. 

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Vision Solutions

1.In-line Measurement System

2.Inspection Vision System



3.Part Presence

4.optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV)

5.Quality Inspection for Defects

6.Human Presence. 

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Automation Solutions

1.Design & Process for Automations

2.Robot Simulation & Programming

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Solutions & Softwares

Can cover any kind of equipment under this software.


•Real time monitoring of Performances of each equipment

•Failure patterns will known

•With patterns predictive maintenance is possible


•Weld Monitoring System –MIG/TIG Welding

•Weld Monitoring System –SPOT/Resistance Welding

•Weld Monitoring System –Stud Welding

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Weld Monitoring S system-MIG (WMS-MIG)

•Welding parameters to be measured : Current & Voltage

•Sampling rate : 2000+ data points/sec.

•Current : up-to 600A~1000A

•Voltage : up-to 100V

•Capture seam no. of the weld with the weld parameters using Fronius/Kempi/Lincoln/Panasonic/Yaskawa Controller data.6.1.1 Weld Monitoring S system-MIG (WMS-MIG)


•Optimal system for evaluation of welding process and data control

•Reduction in loss hence improving process stabilisation action which in turns Result in cost saving

•Customised monitoring system

•One-click report generation

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LoRa Technology –Capabilities & Developed Projects

Project done in LoRa Technologies:

6.2.1 Flood Monitoring System

6.2.2 Forest Fire Detection System

6.2.3 WindfarmIOT System

6.2.4 Animal Tracking

6.2.5 Street Light Tracking

6.2.6 Water Monitoring reading

6.2.7 Gas Monitoring

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